Chernobyl Jazz Club

Who are we?

Chernobyl Jazz Club was founded by Gummi (Guitar) in the winter of 2019 with Elli (Bass) among others that did not stick around for too long. After few lineups the band got its today  lineup in the spring days of 2020 when Hreidar (Drums) and Siggi (guitar) joined the band. Still there was a singer missing, many tried but none was chosen.

By the fall of 2020 and after so many covid breaks, Elli remembered a great singer Amalía from a band called Black Desert Sun. After 1 phone call and 1 jam session there was no doubt that she was perfect for Chernobyl Jazz Club and the lineup was complete.

Chernobyl Jazz Club album GRÍMULAUST is out now!

Take a listen!

Chernobyl Jazz Club - Jazzklúbburinn